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Where can I find skeleton contract agreements for non disclosure, non compete confidentiality...

Southfield, MI |
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We are attorneys. We draft these.


If I understand you correctly, are you wanting a confidentiality/non-compete agreement for your employee? If so, forget about a "site" to get those agreements, you need an experienced attorney to draft one for you. The reason you should use an attorney, instead of a stock form, is because an attorney can draft an agreement that is tailor made for your business; which is better than a "one size fits all" stock form because it can give you more protections and/or be better suited for your specific line of business. Besides, you may have other issues that you are unaware of, and an attorney may be able to help you with those new issues as well. I assume you wanted a "site" because you believed you could save some money and draft the agreement yourself, which is totally understandable. However, you should remember that "preemptive legal fees" are always cheaper than "crisis legal fees".


There is no doubt that this sort of agreement should be drafted by an experienced professional who especially knows how these matters can be evaded or unfairly limited.

Form books are not enough. The examples of the forms may not fit your situation and will end up invalid, unenforceable, or just not applicable to your goals.

Lawyers do not just copy forms out of a book. They thoughtfully analyze your facts and all of the surrounding and attendant circumstances to make a custom agreement to protect your rights.

Don't screw around with a little bit of knowledge. Get to a seasoned lawyer.

Oh yeah, don't try to fix the computer in your car engine on your own either, and don't try to remove your own appendix.

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