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Where can i find an attorney for police brutality ?

Milwaukee, WI |

I am still suffering injuries from a police officer and would like to know which attorneys take on brutality cases. What type of attorneys would i look up ?

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You should look for descriptions such as "civil rights," "police misconduct," and "police brutality."


You should consult with a civil rights attorney who handles police excessive force cases. There are not many of us in the Milwaukee area, and you are certainly welcome to call me to discuss your issues, but you should speak with a civil rights attorney as soon as possible. There are certain notice requirements that may apply to you under Wisconsin State Law, and they have some short time windows. There are other things which I recommend be done such as filing complaints with the internal affairs division of the applicable police department, potentially a Fire & Police Commission, if the municipality has that entity, and maybe contacting the District Attorney's Office to discuss any investigation. This is a complicated area of the law, which encompasses potentially both State and Federal laws, requires the certain notices to be filed, requires the necessity of documenting injuries and damages, may impact other criminal cases against you, if that is applicable, and involves some early investigations, therefore, discussing the issues with a civil rights attorney as soon as possible is important.