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Where can I find a Pretrial Diversion Program regarding alcohol in or near Union Co NJ for an illegal consumption ticket?

Westfield, NJ |

My son was given a ticket while visiting Indiana University for illegal consumption (he was not in a vehicle). He is 18 and we live in NJ so he can't attend the Pretrial Diversion Program in IN as he was told to do by the IN court. He is allowed to take a similar program in NJ, but we can't find one. He is leaving for college in Aug. and must take the class before then.

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This is something you're going to want to hire a local defense attorney in New Jersey to help you with. That'd be the easiest way of making this happen.

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NJ has approved programs. But it is Indiana that has the say so. I would research the list of approved programs and have they OKed by Indiana. I do not know if all this plus the program can be done in 2 months.



Where do we find a list of approved programs so I can see if they are acceptable to the IN court? I called the Prosecutor's office and IDRC and they could't help.


Look at the New Jersey Dept. of Human Services, Division of Addiction Services at Look at the Treatment Provider Directory. Call one of the facilities and make arrangements for outpatient treatment after making sure Indiana will accept it.