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Where can I find a low cost lawyer in Conroe, TX

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My husband is in a custody battle with his ex for his son. We have already been to court once and the judge requested a follow up and told both parties to get lawyers. We have already done a lot of leg work and prep but were unable to show it in court cause we didn't have a lawyer. We do not have much money to spare currently and are looking for a lawyer to either give us payment options or a price break but everyone we call wants 5K or more up front. Would need someone quick and in the Montgomery county area

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Unfortunately custody litigation tends to be expensive. There are great lawyers in the Conroe area. Keep trying. If someone takes the time to take off from work and meet with an attorney, some lawyers will consider a structure of payments. Perhaps your husband needs to meet with the lawyer and explain the case before addressing the payment issue. That way the lawyer has a more clear idea of what may actually be involved.
Good luck!.

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Meet with a lawyer so he/she knows the case and can look you in the eye. A payment plan is essentially credit. If the lawyer meets you and believes in you it is more likely it will be extended to you.

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