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Where can an Oregon residential landlord obtain a free, comprehensive, up-to-date residential lease or rental agreement?

Portland, OR |

I believe there should be free forms provided online, but am having a hard time finding them. With new updates to Oregon's landlord/tenant law, all the disclosures required, I want to get this right. Anyone willing to send me a form?

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I'd generally assume that you are going to be unlikely to find a free form of an Oregon Residential Lease online, and further I'd strongly caution against utilizing one in the event you do find such a free form.

There are numerous online legal resources sites where you can purchase a form lease, though I regularly advise clients to avoid doing so, as reliance upon some other person or entity to draft a legal document for your use without having the proper legal and contextual analysis is simply a recipe for disaster.

All too often, I've seen landlords get into quite a financial pickle when they've gotten a signed lease agreement with a tenant, and then only after they've gotten into a dispute with a tenant do they realize that the written agreement they're utilizing isn't contractually adequate in fully protecting the landlord's interests and/or limiting the landlord's liabilities.

A consultation with a landlord/tenant attorney prior to utilizing and executing any lease agreement is always a good idea. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say.

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If you rely on forms you find online, you run the risk and assume the consequences of them not being up-to-date with current law. Keep in mind a form lease cannot work for every situation. If you do insist on using a form, I have few complaints about the products put out by a company with a location in downtown Portland called Stevens Ness - most of their forms can be had for a few dollars each. Still, when you do find a form you think you like, I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a licensed landlord-tenant attorney, to whom you can explain your situation, and who can then evaluate your form and make some recommendations to you.

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As the other attorneys indicated you can find them online, use Google....leases from such sources are definitely worth what you paid for them.

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Landlord - Tenant Lawyers put their knowledge and experience into creating written documents that are very helpful to property owners. The forms you find from organizations and companies selling such materials online and in office supply stores are generally unfavorable to the landlord, sometimes outdated, and in many cases contain clauses not appropriate for the state.

It is a *very great bargain* to purchase Written Lease Agreement, security deposit agreement, Pay or Quit Notice, and Termination of Tenancy forms from a local attorney. If you are in control by hiring someone to write the lease for you, you are able to take advantage of clauses that are landlord-favorable. Find a local attorney who will sit down with you and hear your needs and make a lease just for you. Hopefully, you will be able to save the lease on your hard drive and use it when you need it.

Good luck.


This type of form would be a valuable thing - why would it be free?