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When you win in court then file an appeal and win the appeal do you get both judgement's award's ?

Schnecksville, PA |

I first sued a mechanic for $1350.00 for repair's he was not to do asking for reimbursement and the cost of the second mechanics repair cost. That Judge only awarded me $250.00. I appealed I won the appeal for $750.00. I'm a woman dealing with all men and they did not listen to me either of them when I told them it was a new motor and did not need a new water pump the first mechanic replaced the water pump based on recommendation not on my request causing damage replaced the axles but not the seals states he never touched the motor but he replaced the motor mount. Please Don't get offended if your a male but I have another question could this be a sexual harassment case since i was dealing with all male's and they didn't listen to the truth of what I was telling them.

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You get the amount awarded on appeal. $750. And nothing in your post sets out a factual basis for sexual harassment.