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When you sign a waiver for your expedition what does it mean

Cherokee, NC |

My boyfriend got locked up and said he waived his expedition. He's in a jail in nc because he had a warrant in another state

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Expedition is a journey for a purpose like exploration. You most likely mean extradition. When you waive extradition, you are waiving your right to have a hearing to prove you are the person the other state has a warrant for. Sometimes waiving extradition is a smart thing to do, sometimes its not - depending on the circumstances. Either way, the other state has a limited amount of time to come and get him or NC will cut him loose (unless he is also in trouble in NC). A general rule of thumb is if the charge from the other state is minor, then waive extradition. Waiving will shorten the time period the other state has to come and get him and for minor charges there is a slight chance the other state may not bother with the expense to come get him and/or may not have enough time. For serious charges you would generally want to make it as difficult as possible for the other state and you would want to create as many opportunities for the other state to drop the ball as possible so you would most likely want to consider not waive extradition for a serious charge.

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