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When you give up your parental rights do you still have to pay child support?

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My husband is having problems with his daughter mother over a diaper rash that she got while she was with us, and the other issue is that shes not spending the child support money on his daughter, because she calling and asking for him to buy diapers and wipes shes 2 years old she should be out of diapers . He just don't want to deal with her anymore.

He wants the court to order her to show how she is spending the money.

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You Husband cannot voluntarily give up his parental rights unless there is another individual, usually a stepparent, wishing to adopt the child. If that is the case then yes your Husband would not have a child support obligation for the child from the effective date of his parental rights termination and adoption of the child.


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If someone could just give up his parental rights to a child, then no one would have to pay support for children. The fact is that there could be a step parent adoption, and that is usually the only way someone can get out of paying future child support. The father cannot just sign away his rights and responsibilities, someone else must be there to step in and take his position.

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He has not given up his parental rights and will not be able to do so unless a stepparent is there to adopt the child.

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No...but it's not easy to do...or everyone would do it!

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