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When you get stopped at customs does that get recorded?

West Bloomfield, MI |

I recently was arrested for drinking and driving. I have not been sentenced yet and I am awaiting trial. I am on bond and am not to leave my state. I recently was on my way to Canada with friends and forgot that I couldn't leave the state and while we were in line I remmember I couldn't go. We go there often and its like going to another city so i didn't really think about it. When we got to customs we were going to turn around but one of my friends wasn't granted access because of a DUI from 9rys ago so we never even entered. Does this show up on some kind of record?

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Assuming that your identification was not requested, then probably not. If you had to produce identification to the customs official and s/he entered anything into a computer somewhere, then "some kind of record" probably was created. Now, whether that "record" comes back to haunt you is another story. Unless the "record" was a check using LEIN, then it probably won't hurt you. (You're dealing with a federal agency at customs vs. a state agency in district court; the feds often times can't cross check their terrorist lists.) If it was a LEIN check, it is conceivable that a "record" was created that could cause your bond to be revoked if someone in the Court discovers your attempt to leave the country.

Also, if your arrest was in Bloomfield, or any of the Oakland County suburbs surrounding them, you really need to be a lot more careful about your activities. The Judges in those District Courts have a deserved reputation for being extremely strict with drinking and driving. Even if your arrest is somewhere else, you must follow your bond conditions to the letter and don't tempt fate again. You really need to have a lawyer represent you in these matters, too. Don't go into court or negotiate with the prosecutor by yourself. If you need help, feel free to contact me; my contact information is in my profile. Good luck.


Even if this information is recorded the chances of it getting back to the court is slim to none.
Robert Driessen