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When you file for divorce and you still live together can any belongings be removed from the house?

Round Rock, TX |

we have the house together, appliances another a vehicle which was purchased by the wife not the husband.

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The answer to any question that starts with can is... of course.

The question should not be can you do it, it should be should it be done? Removing personal property is often times an emotional response to a situation. Seldom does the removal of property dictate what happens with the property at the end of the day.

It is also important to know what is being done with the property once it is being taken. Is it being hidden, sold, transferred to another person?

Talk to your attorney, or if you don't have an attorney, I suggest you hire one as quickly as possible.

This information is being provided as a general response to your posted question. By providing this response our office is not creating or entering into a lawyer-client relationship with you or anyone who may review this response. In order to enter into a lawyer-client relationship an initial consultation is required.



not helpful, we had decided a long time ago that if we ever divorced we would split our belongings equally. Now he wants to take things and I am not down with that.



And no I don't have an attorney, I can't afford one. I just have my SS once a month. he is abandoning the homestead and me with cancer. We are selling the house a dividing what is left from the sell of the house.


There is nothing inherently wrong with removing property. At the end of the day, the court (or the parties) will decide how to divide things. This incident shows one of the problems of living together during a divorce.

If you feel property is being taken in order to hide them or something else improper, you probably need a restraining order preventing it.

Do you have a lawyer? If not, sounds like you need one.

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