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When you are 17 what are your rights.

Houston, TX |

I just wanna know what are my rights once i turn 17.

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Not too much different than when you were 16, you become emancipated if you like at 18 and then you can invoke many of your rights as an adult. take care and don't grow up too fast, life is short and these are your best years, be happy or get happy.

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You are now an adult for purposes of putting you in jail / prison with adults if you commit a crime. You have the right to agree to have sex with any person 17 or older now. You do not have the right to determine where you are going to live - that decision still belongs to your parents. Your parents still have a duty to support you until you turn 18 (meaning clothing and food).

Otherwise, you are like any other person.

Cynthia Henley


In addition to Ms Henley's answer, you have the right to work, but your wages technically belong to your parents. You do not have the right to enter into contracts of any kind.

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