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When will you know if you are charged with a dui?

Bethlehem, PA |

I was in a car accident a month ago. I was taken to the hospital. the police report said i would be charged with a dui. I have not recieved anything yet. when will i know if i am getting charged with a dui

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Whenever the State decides to inform you is the short answer, but normally within 60 to 90 days. The blood test can take time to come back to the Officer and then it normally must be screen by the DA that handles that court. Most states have a statute of limitation of at least one year if it’s a misdemeanor. You should of already contacted an Attorney, but apparently not if you are seeking information online. Speak with a Dui Defense Attorney as soon as possible; hoping that nothing will happen will not work. Good luck.


It depends on a few things including who arrested you. If it was the state police their lab is notoriously slow in getting these test results out. I have see cases in the Lehigh Valley take a few months to get rolling when the PA State Police are involved. If you feel that there may be an issue with the blood sample you should speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that he or she can take the necessary steps to preserve the sample for testing by your experts. Best of Luck.

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