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When will I receive my hearing date from the Dmv for a DUI.

Fort Collins, CO |

DMV hearing was submitted on Feb 7th, I received 60 day temp, and am still waiting on this letter saying when my hearing is 2 months later. Is there a time limit on how long the dmv should take? Im just getting paranoid because after 60 days it says the temp is good until the hearing. But I dont know if the mail was sent to the wrong address or what. please help!

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It may have been sent and delivered to the wrong address. You may be revoked at this time. Call DMV. If the letter was sent, ask to what address. If it is the correct address, you are presumed to have received it. If the hearing was not set in the 60 days, ask for your license back.


The Colorado DMV has 60 days from the time that you submit the request for hearing to have the hearing. You must have submitted the request for hearing in the manner and within time limits proscribed by DMV. If you requested the hearing on Feb. 7th, your 60th day has passed. If no hearing was scheduled, you could get your license back. If a hearing was scheduled and you failed to appear- it is likely that your license was revoked. Contact the driver safety division to determine your driving statute.


Fort Collins:

The question for you is what to do now? First call the DMV and try to work out what happened. If your hearing already occurred, ask to what address your DMV packet of information was sent? If your packet was sent to the wrong address, make sure your correct address is on the 60 day temporary license. If it is, then the DMV made a mistake. At this point you will want to consult with an attorney to see if your license can be protected.



The DMV is required by statute to conduct your hearing within 60 days of your written request. If they fail to set the hearing without good cause within that time frame, they must dismiss the DMV action. Otherwise, they tend to mail you the Notice and a copy of your Discovery (police reports) within 30 to 45 days after your written request. The notice and discovery come in two separare mailings.