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When will I know if my federal refund will be garnished for money owed to a property management company?

Arlington, VA |

Recieved a letter today that I have 90 days to pay their settlement offer and the account would then be closed and satisfied.Is it safe to assume I am ok til at least that 90 day mark? I have already filed my taxes..opted for a check,not direct deposit..if I do nothing what would be their next step? I really just want to know if I can expect my tax return to be ok,I am really counting on this money..

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Not to sound cheeky, but I suppose you'll know for sure about 1 second after you find out the check clears.


If you owe money to the IRS they will deduct it from any refunds you are to receive.

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You don't mention what the property management company is, but as a general rule, non federal and state agencies, i.e. private companies, can not attach IRS Refund Checks directly. Can they attach your bank account if they go through the procedures? Yes usually. I don't know what Virginia law says, but as a rule, most companies when they offer a settlement, will usually wait until the time expires, but it's not usually required by state law.