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When will he be released?

Fresno, CA |

My husband is in Fresno co. jail on DUI warrant from 3yrs.ago 50,000 bail, and another warrant from kings co. for fighting in public 15,000 bail He violated probation in kings co. by not reporting after 6 months he could not find job and quit reporting. what will happen now?

they are both misdemeaners 72hrs. hve passed and has not went to court or been taken to kings co.

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I can only speak for Tennessee, CA tends to be a little more lenient on the criminal justice side of things. But here if you violate probation, your full sentence is automatically re-imposed. If the offenses for which you are charged end up being ones for which you found not guilty, then you are released. I'd contact a local criminal attorney ASAP. Just because a crime is a misdemeanor doesn't mean it isn't serious.

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Your husband can likely bail out of both county. Since he is only charged with misdemeanors, likely he will not be punished to harshly but each county is different. The important thing is to get him out and then he can fight his cases from the outside. Certainly there sounds like he has some mitigation to explain his failure to report. If you would like more information, please feel free to call The Law Offices of Ross Green-650-780-0707 x 11.


He should be able to bail out of jail on both matters pending hearing if that is the immediate route he wishes to go. I would recommend that you contact criminal defense attorneys in each of the counties where there are warrant issues. They may be able to shed more light on what to expect, and you may want to consider hiring attorney(s) in that area to mitigate potential consequences.

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Your husband was probably arrested over the weekend and so they have until either Tuesday or Wednesday to bring him to court. The DUI may or may not be serious, but the bail is pretty high, so he may have failed to appear multiple times or he has previous DUI convictions. He may have a motion for the Fresno case, but I do not know enough facts. In Kings County, he is probably looking at jail time because they do not like violations of probation and will likely sentence him to some type of jail sentence, but it depends on the case and the reasons for his failure to appear. Not having money is not an excuse. He will first handle the Fresno case, then he will likely be transferred to Kings County once his case and sentence are taken care of in Fresno. Feel free to contact me at (559) 447-1240 if he has not entered a guilty plea or admitted his violation.


We are regularly in Fresno county jail, contact my office and we can possibly go visit him.