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When the attorney general represents the state, If state docs are fraudulent what is atorney gens. duty

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If the state is guilty of fraud or discrimination what are the responsibility of the office of the attorney General?

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It depends what docs are fraudulent, and to whom you are asking the State owes a duty. Generally, the AG represents the State as an entity, rather than individual citizens. Often people sue the State for things that the State did wrong, and it is the AG who tries to protect the State by attempting to disprove the allegations. On the other hand, the AG also prosecutes crimes, and sometimes advocates on behalf of victims. Without more information as to what your situation entails, it is hard to give any more exact answer. If you feel the State or one of its employees wronged you, it would likely be a good idea to consult your own attorney rather than just relying on the AG to do take action.

Any response is general information only and is not intended, and does not constitute, legal advice.



dept of human services terminated my disability, due to prejudice from employee, who used her authority to get her results. i appealed the decision to circuit court the court ordered the administration to reschedule a admin hearing that employee denied me. during tha t rescheduled hearing I found 3 documents that were fraudulent to doctor exhibits that had the diagnosis of 4 symptoms the 1st n 3rd diagnosis were scratched out ( or lined out) replaced to the side of both were new diagnosis. my signature is on the 4th page of this 4 page form "by the evaluation doctor" when i left his office i signed a paper that had nothing scratch out. the admin. hearing officer rules against me. I fil,ed appeal showed the Atty Gen. filed discovery/ admin Atty Gen. told dhs and its admin office to not to answer questions

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