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When someone came in usa in vis waiver and after 2 months get married and filled ai130 and i485 and stay in USA,

Richland, WA |

what can happed if somebody check for his papers? He is illegal? Or untill he get the answer from uscis he is ok?

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That person is allowed to remain in the U.S. until there is a final decision on the application. The government has 90 days from filing to give him employment authorization--assuming you correctly applied for it at the same time you filed the I-130 and I-485. The Seattle district is fast on these cases. The person should have the interview 3-4 months after filing. In the meantime, that person is an adjustment applicant. No actual status, but allowed to be here.

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As long as he/she has a I-130/I-485 receipt from USCIS showing that the case is pending they are in a gray area, tolerated until a final decision is made on their application but also by no means "legal" and they cannot work or travel during this time and must await their interview with USCIS.



And when you get this receipt? After mail the forms?The uscis will maill back?


I agree with Mr. Calehr. You are not "legal" in that you cannot work, however, you are not completely "illegal" in that you will not be removed because of your pending case status.

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I, too, agree.

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