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When should we split up finances. Ex-wife is demanding I leave every penny in the joint account.

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When am I supposed to separate finances with my soon to be ex wife? We are in the middle of a divorce, currently going through mediation. She works part time, and I'm the one that brings in the paycheck. She keeps contacting me and demanding me to not touch the household account (even though I'm the one who brings home the paycheck to pay the bills). I was told that once we are separated, the bank accounts are now considered separate property and we are to split the bills from our individual bank accounts. What are my rights?

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The sooner the better, but that can be complicated.. Are you still living together? Is she workling ? Are there any kids? Yes, technically from date of separation your incomes are your own, but there are a lot of practical matters to consider. Talk to a lawyer for advice..


Any account established and opened during the marriage and where the deposits came from the wages of either party, then the account is a CP asset. Get an attorney to help you with this matter.


Open a completely separate bank account at a different bank and stop depositing money into the joint account with your wife. Yes, you may owe her some money for spousal support and possibly child support, but you don't have an obligation to pay all of her bills and let her use your money. Problem is are you really separated? Did you move out? Should you move out? Do you own the home you live in? Can you afford to pay the mortgage, if there is one, and also pay rent somewhere else? You need to make sure you are very separate from her and you should talk to a divorce attorney about this right away.

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