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When served custodial court papers.... should it be mailed?

Yonkers, NY |

My relative just got served to appear in court Oct 1, and I'm concerned, One: because the father of her daughter came with the cop in his(the fathers) car to serve her the papers. Isnt that illegal in some way? Aren't such papers supposed to be mailed? this is the 1st tiem the court is involved regarding custody, I thought cops only get involved when she misses her court date or refuses to appear in court. The father does not look for the child, always wants to see the child in outside areas, which my relative doesnt see apprpriate, he pays nothign to support the child and she is not able to put him on child support because he gets paid under the books. What do you think of this situation?

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Attorney answers 1


There's nothing immediately visible as being improper about the service. Your relative should get an attorney and discuss her situation in detail.