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When renting an apartment and washer and dryer are included what are my rights?

Marquette, MI |

We have just moved into an apartmetn 2 months ago and in the lease contract these are the exact words stated:

FURNISHINGS: The following furnishings or appliances will be provided by Landlord:
Electric Stove, Refridgerator, Washer and Dryer. Tenant shall return all such items are the end of the lease term in a condition as good as existed at the beginning of the lease term, normal wear and tear expected.

However since we moved in we have yet to be furnished a Washer and Dryer, we are currently renting one which is cosing us around $200 out of our pocket. When asking the landlord who lives below us. He tries to find loopholes and states that they are allowing us to use their washer and dryer in their basement upon asking them (its behind locked doors).

The lease does not state that this is a coop washer and dryer facility and that it was furnished to us. Does he have a legal obligation to provide us with one? What can I do? By the way the $200 is per a month that we are paying to rental place.

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My question is about your reliance on the assertion that laundry facilities were in the apartment..

My question is: is there a place set aside to "hookup" (e.g. appropriate space, drain, water supply, power and dryer vent for) a washer and dryer) in your apartment? And did you inspect the apt before renting..and did he advertise it as such, etc.

If NO.. it could be do anything and might be a simple mistake..

If Yes it was a reasonable expectation that you should have them in your apartment in the appropriate space. and it is a breach of the lease for the landlord to not allow you unfettered access to a washer and dryer.. (albiet if he gives you a key to the basement to use the shared facilities it might eliminate your damages) This is also a potenital violation of the Michigan Consumers Protection Act which will allow you damages.. and attorneys fees. You could deduct the cost of renting the items from the rent until he provides the washer. However, exercising your rights will piss off your landlord and he will probably not want to renew the lease after it is over.

Please note that I answered this question with general knowlege of the law and with limited disclosure from you, my answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and I cannot be held responsible for how you, the asker, use the information I provide. If you want to contact me directly and retain my services you may though my listing on this site.

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