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When Police Officer does not show up in Court as your witness?

Fort Worth, TX |

Landlord initiated eviction of tenant because Police officer stated that this tenant should be evicted because tenant is " bad" is associated with "bad elements,"and caused problem is the past at other apartments. However, the police officer never showed up in Court for eviction trial. How to handle this in future so the police back you up when they say to do something like an eviction and even imply that if you do not evict tenant than Police will start harass the building for other good or made up reasons?

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Attorney answers 3


Subpoena the Officer to appear, or at least write a police report to show the Judge to support/corroborate the hearsay.


The safest thing is to subpoena the police officer. You could try obtain a certified copy of the report as a public record exception but there is always a danger the contents could be challenged as hearsay.


Subpoena would be in order