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When my PD payments will start counting? I have two primary work injures cases. (Psych & Physical)?

Monrovia, CA |

My attorney submitted two primary cases separately (Primary work injuries & Psych primary case )since first day of my injuries. My Psych damage cussed by employee retaliation and verbal harassments. My attorney reviewed my emails to the Manager for 3 years before injuries I was asking for help. My case is denied at this point after 6 months. My primary physical Dr sent the final report with maximum medical improvement with a 29% permanent disability. My question is when my permanent disability payment will start ? Even right now I'm receiving SD payment but will that payments be deducted from settlement right after my Primary physical Dr sent last report? My Primary psych case still is open. So am I eligible for temporary disability payments before the start PD payments? I'm scheduled t

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Attorney answers 3


This is really a question for your attorney


You have an attorney. He knows your case better than any of us here at AVVO. Talk to your lawyer.


Your attorney is in the best position to update you, so give him a're paying after all....