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When looking up someone on whos in jail at the bottom where it gives the charges , the day the meaning, when next court date is

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etc, it also has a place for roc (reason on calendar) under that the reason has abbr. COTP what does that mean? i can usually figure these abbr out but have never seen this one n cannot find it. could you please explain the meaning of this one

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Not certain, but is this their first court appearance? Why were they arrested in the first place? And, what courthouse and what department and at what time is the hearing set? With this additional information might be able to figure out what the acronym stands for.

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I googled the term plus ROC. Looks like Court Order To Produce. I am not sure what that means exactly but that is what COTP means on that website. Good luck.


Court ordered to produce - meaning the court is ordering the sheriff to bring the defendant to his or her court hearing.

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Court Order To Produce.

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