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When looking for a DUI lawyer, is there a minimum number of cases that they have handled that I should be looking for?

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Not just handled but taken to jury trial. There are a lot of dump truck lawyers who never try anything and simply plead it all out.


In NJ DUI matters are never tried before a jury. That having been said, some experience never hurt, although given it is not required.


There isn't a set number of cases, but it is something that they should do regularly. A number of jury trials one has had won't necessarily help you because you cannot have a jury trial on a DWI case in NJ, but it will show a level of experience. I advise speaking to several if necessary and hire the attorney you feel most comfortable with and you believe will do well for you.

David Bradley
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In New Jersey, a prosecutor is disallowed from "plea bargaining" a DUI charge to a lesser charge. With that said, New Jersey DUI/DWI attorneys need to assess the many defenses and issues involved(operation of the vehicle, probable cause, technical deficiencies with the breath testing device, etc). You need to hire an attorney so that he or she can assist you in properly defending your DUI case. Hire an attorney who has had experience defending DUI cases (simply ask how many cases they've handled) and make sure to be candid with him/her.

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They should handle dwi regularly, but not necessarily exclusively. They should know all the laws and regulations for traffic stops, dwi, breath test machines, etc. so they can challenge those issues. It is not necessary to have 20 years experience or specific number of trials. No one can tell you a win rate or similar stat.


If you are looking for trial experience search for a "certified criminal trial attorney". The certification is from the NJ Supreme Court. However that distinction does not always translate into DWI knowledge. As stated there are no DWI jury trials in NJ. The Supreme Court recently created a "certified municipal court " designation but I do not believe it is in place yet. I would look for an attorney that lists under DWI practitioner. Look to see if they have given rather than attended seminars on DWI. Also although not a guaranteed indicator any attorney charging a minimal fee on a DWI is just going to hold your hand while you plead guilty. Fighting a DWI costs money. Read the reviews on the profiles on AVVO. Check the years of experience, super lawyer designation, certification as trial attorneys, masters (teachers) at Inns of Court (associations of trial attorneys) prior prosecutorial experience. Interview as many as you can. Pick one with whom you feel comfortable you will be paying a lot of money. Then hope for the best. Call my office for a free consultation if you like.

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