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When is it running a red light?

Saint Louis, MO |

At the intersection of Woodson Rd and St. Charles Rock Rd I got pulled over for running a steady red light. It was pouring down rain and I was following by brother who was in a uhaul. Long story short, the light was yellow until I was in the intersection. There was a police officer making that right turn onto Woodson and he pulled me over. So what constitutes running a red light? My ticket states a violation of ordinance 315.060 - Violated Electric Signal - Steady Red.

Thank you in advance

FYI...There are traffic cameras at that intersection, not red light cameras though.

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Sounds like a ticket that you should contest since you entered on the yellow - however, the best person to consult is a local Traffic Ticket Attorney - many offer free consultations & know the local judges & court procedure. You can locate an attorney right here on AVVO by using the tool "Find a Lawyer" Good luck

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It depends on how the ordinance is worded but in general, if your vehicle is in the intersection when the light is red, that constitutes running a red light. You can hire a traffic law attorney to get this amended to a non-moving, no-point violation so it won't affect your driving record and your insurance company won't know about the ticket.

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Matthew S. Chase

Matthew S. Chase


I agree sort of - technically one can argue that, as Mr. Crosner points out - if you enter when it is yellow you are ok. This may be true, if traffic court had anything to do with law, justice or compliance. It does not. Traffic court is about money, plain and simple. Hire Andrea, me or another traffic lawyer here, and we can likely amend to a non-moving violation. It'll cost you a couple of bucks for the lawyer up front, and a fine that is a bit more than the simple fine you'd pay if you plead guilty as charged, but this will avoid the points and negative effect that'd have on your insurance etc. It may be cynical sounding, but traffic law is nearly always a game of fundraising for the municipalities. Surely, speeding excessively while workers are present in a school zone while drunk is a public safety issue. Nearly all traffic tickets - and certainly nearly all money raised from them - have little to do with safety and everything to do with a fundraising mechanism for cities and counties.


Technically speaking, you might not have violated the law. The violation usually requires "entering" the intersection on red (though it varies from city to city). Practically speaking, it probably isn't worth fighting. Hire a traffic attorney. I expect they will advise you to plead down to a non-moving violation, pay the fine, pay the attorney, keep it off your insurance, and move on with your life.

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