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When is it considered child abandonment so I can obtain full legal and sole custody and terminate his parental rights.

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My Daughter is 2 and her dad and I separated when she was 9months old primarily due to domestic violence. We do have a Washington State parenting plan that allows him supervised visitation two consecutive days once a month with no overnights and nothing else. He still lives in WA and we live in OR. this has all been in affect since Feb 2010. He has not seen or even attempted to see his Daughter since Feb 2010 and only started calling once everyother weekend since Aug2010. He is over $900.00 in arrears in child support and has been in arrears since April 2010. I want to obtain full custody to eliminate heartache for my Daughter as she gets older. What should I do and is this possible?

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Courts can sometimes modify orders upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances. Failure to follow the court's orders can be grounds for a motion for contempt of court.

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