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When In court do you plead guilty or not guilty when you don't feel you were compleatly the fault of simple assult charges

Battle Creek, MI |

Everyone keeps telling me I should plead not guilty since I have things from the web but really I was in the wrong for doing it, I'm confused on if I plead guilty or not, alot of people have been saying pleading not guilty is for the best but some say to plead guilty

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plead not guilty and hire an attorney or ask for court appointed attorney he will then be able to review the police report and give you a good answer.


You should really hire an attorney so you can have legal defense for this case. Even if you do not want to hire an attorney, I would request that you get a public defender to help you navigate the legal procedures. Typically, most people charged with a crime plead not guilty at their arraignment and then afterwords have their attorney come to some type of plea agreement with the prosecution. I do not know the facts of your case, and they may allow you to have a favorable outcome. Then again, the facts may be open and shut and there is not a lot of room to bargain. Without more facts, this is the best advice I can give you. Good luck with your case.


For goodness sake, ask an attorney instead of everybody else. Either retain an attorney or get appointed counsel, but someone who is trained in the law should be the one to evaluate your case and your options with you.

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I have done a lot of work in my career where one of the first statements of my client is something along the lines of, "well my [friend / jail cellmate / guy who has been to jail a few times, etc.] told me I should do ____________ or ______________." In the vast majority of those situations the friend / jail cellmate / guy who has been to jail a few times was talking directly out of his / her ______________.

First, whether you have a defense or not, pleading "not guilty" is the wise thing to do for a couple reasons. First, if you are in fact not guilty, then you don't want to say you are. Second, because even if you could be found guilty at trial, the prosecutor may end up offering a reduction to your or your attorney through a formal Plea Agreement.

From the way you are writing the question it appears you have no criminal history. If that is true, there may be additional avenues available to you to keep this offense off your record in the long term. In today's day and age, a criminal record can be a major issue if you wish to go to school, seek better employment, etc. Do yourself a favor and sit down with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the court system in Calhoun County. Most criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations, and some may be willing to set up a payment plan for you if needed.

Best of Luck.

An Attorney-Client relationship has not been established. Becket J. Jones is not your attorney. In order to protect your interests, you should engage with and retain a competent criminal defense attorney who practices often in the court you are scheduled to be in front of if you have been (or believe you will be) charged with a crime in the State of Michigan.