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When I paid my attorney a retainer no contract was ever signed...

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He then subsequently blew through the funds in a few days via double billing, wasteful spending, etc., now he is saying I owe him additional funds. Funny thing is a contract was never signed between the two of us, can I sue him for my funds back? He literally didn't do a single thing and I just came to find out that in an order he received (I was never given the copy) I have not been complying to certain stipulations unknowingly. Throughout this whole process, he has supposedly "done research" and "conferred with colleagues" and then written lengthy emails saying how stupid I am to ask for certain things or the fact I have asked to finalize the divorce. Terrible lawyer with sleazy tactics, so is there any way to collect my previous funds and fight the claims I owe him more?

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I doubt any attorney here can answer that question, I assume you hired him for a divorce. If you are unhappy and you fell you were not represented correctly; every state has some sort of Attorney Regulation Commission that governs attorneys. I am sure if you contact that office they will assist you with your complaint.


Many states have a fee dispute resolution through the state bar. In NC it is mandatory for attorneys to go through this before they can sue the attorney and optional for clients to request. You should 1st send a certified letter asking for an itemized bill and complete copy of your file. Give him a set amount of time and if you do not get these things complain to the State Bar.

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