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When I marry my fiancé will my income be included in his child support order if it is modified?

Chicago, IL |

Just wondering if we become married will my state combine the incomes and subtract 20 percent .

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No. The court will only look at your soon to be husband's income. However, if your income is substantial, you may wish to file a separate return from your husband(notwithstanding both of you will pay income taxes at a higher rate) to protect your privacy from the child support recipient. Arguably, even though the court may not combine your incomes together to calculate child support, to the extent that your income helps support your new family household, it would theoretically enable him to pay greater child support, especially for add on expenses, such as day care or extra-curricular fees.


No. For purposes of child support, In Illinois only his income will be used to determine the statutory amount.

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No. Your income will not be included in your fiance's child support obligation. However depending on your income such other matters like contribution to uncovered medical costs, extra curricular activities and day care may be affected, but generally it is not an issue.

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No but it could be included for college expenses.

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