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When filling out Articles of Organization for a home based business is it ok to use a po box or does it have to show the home ad

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We are trying to avoid someone coming to the house, or simply knowing our home address. And because this is a legal document any one essentially has access to our info?

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Unless MI is quite different, states generally require a physical address. There are certain services that will serve essentially as forwarding offices, to protect your home address. However, depending on the setup, you'd need to either notify the department of state when registering and/or notify USPS of the arrangement.

The information on file and publicly accessible is generally quite limited. Along with the business name and status it's usually just the name and address of the registered agent


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As Mr. Duffy mentioned above, most states require an actual physical address rather than a PO Box when filing articles for a new business entity. If you are interested in protecting your personal address information, one option could be to use a registered agent service company. These companies act as registered agents for the business entity and place their information rather than yours in the formation documents. We typically employ them when filing out-of-state entities for our clients.

That said, some states also ask for the names and addresses of the governing persons of the entity on the organizational documents (e.g. members of the board of directors for a corp. or managers/members for an LLC). If that is the case in MI, the suggestion above may not entirely resolve the issue you raise. You should sit down with a MI business attorney to make sure you know all your options prior to filing if protecting this information is truly important to you.

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The Articles of Organization in Michigan requires that there be a physical address listed for the registered office which could be your home. The purpose of this is for serving legal documents should there be a lawsuit. The Resident Agent must be located at that address for that purpose. The Articles also have a place for a PO Box address as well.

When marketing your business you may use the PO Box which should keep people away from your home. If it is still a concern you can also contract to a private company to be the resident agent and registered office for your company. There are several in Michigan that serve that function yet it can be expensive depending on your needs.

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