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When filing Chapter 7, should a debt collection attorney or firm be listed as a creditor?

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If I am not required to list them as a creditor, should I include them on the mailing list?
As long as I do include the creditor, am I required by law to list them at all?

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I always include every entity that has claimed have the right to collect the debt. Sometimes that means three or four collectors in addition to the original creditor. I also notify courts where lawsuits have been filed, and include the case number in the address to assist the court clerks in locating the file so it can be flagged by the court as a bankruptcy matter.


There is no reason not to serve the creditor, the collector and/or law firm if you have all the addresses.


Why wouldn't you list them? Strictly speaking, are you required to, no. But should you, yes...if you want to avoid the continued hassle of that firm calling you and then you sending the notice of bankruptcy yourself later.


Yes by law you are required to list all creditors. I would notice them as an ''additional party", as to only include the amount of the debt once and not skew the amount of your debt on your schedules.

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