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When does the representation by a public defender assigned to a case end in Spokane Washington Municipal Courts?

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I had a case for DUI back in 2003 in Spokane, Washington. I looked up my background report and it was listed in there that I have a bench warrant for a FTA since 2004. I was a assigned a public defender to my case and I also completed the DUI classes that I was ordered to attend. I am confused as to why a warrant was issued when I was supposed to have a PD represent me in court. I also live in California and did live in CA at the time of the arrest.

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Prehaps you are living here now, but you need to repost your question under the state of Washington on Avvo so the proper Washington attorneys can answer your question.

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the First thing to do is call the public defender's office in Spokane and
see if they can have the warrant recalled and get you back on track


Well if you failed to appear for a required court hearing while represented by a public defender, then a warrant may well have issued. In California public defenders usually do not appear for clients (pc 977). If a client fails to appear and is represented by a public defenders the public defender, who often
handles 100's of cases will often tell the judge he has not had contact with his client and the court will issue a warrant. Private attorneys have far fewer clients and maintain better and more frequent communication with their clients and agree to appear for their clients without having their clients appear in most misdemeanor cases. Obviously your case involves Washington law and my comments arent necessarily applicable to your case. Your best bet is to call the Washington public defender's office that represented you to find out what happened and if they will help you clear the outstanding warrant.