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When does insurance find out about your DUI?

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How long does it take for an insurance company (AAA) to find out that you've had a DUI? Would they raise your rates upon being arrested for a DUI alone or would they wait for a conviction of a DUI or reckless driving charge?

I'm asking this because if I am asked to get a sr22 after my DMV hearing, I rather obtain it with another company a month before my renewal since I am under someone else's insurance and would like to avoid an increase in their rates (as well as the insurance holder's knowledge of my DUI).

Would anything prompt my insurance company to do a DMV check besides asking for a sr22?

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Whether you get insurance now or later, you need to disclose your dui or they may deny your claim if you are in an accident.


John K Lassen

John K Lassen


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The insurance company will find out upon your conviction or DMV hearing. Asking for an SR 22 is certainly a red flag. There are steps that can be taken in advance to help alleviate this insurance increase. They must be done before your DMV or court hearing. You need an attorney to get you through this.

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The rates do not go up until renewal time. They are likely to find out about the DUI if they do a check before renewal. If you go with another company for the SR-22, do so before there is any loss of hearing at DMV or court conviction and you can save money. Make sure the SR-22 plan you get will allow you to transfer your full insurance if needed at a later date, for a good rate. You might try calling John MacDonald Insurance Services. They can explain how the insurance works and have saved my clients a lot of money over the years. Their number is 949 788-1020.

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