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When does a federal tax lien from IRS become a charge of tax evasion criminally towards a member of the bar?

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there are several hundreds of thousands of unpaid federal taxes from a member of the fL Bar, and noncompiant to pay.

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Once the liens are in place, evasion is usually not an issue, and it becomes a civil matter for enforcement of the liens. The fact that the tax debtor is a member of the bar is irrelevant as far as the lien or the tax goes, but it could have consequences with the bar association, as some bars levy sanctions against members for being delinquent in their taxes.


The last answer is right. It is unlikely that unpaid tax liens will result in criminal prosecution. The exception may be if the debtor defrauded the United States by hiding assets and making false statements regarding his assets. These are separate offense which may be criminally prosecuted.

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Tax evasion is when a taxpayer fails to report taxable income. If the income is reported and the taxpayer does not pay the tax, this is not a crime. We do not imprison debtors in the United States.

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