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When does a collection account fall off your credit report?

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Does it fall off 7 years from the original closed date from the original creditor or 7 years from the date placed for collections?

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Seven and a half years from date of default in payments with the original creditor for collection accounts. Closing date does not affect credit reporting, because then they can close it any time or never close it. Same with placing for collections. The maximum time is to allow the consumer to clear their mistakes after the fixed period expires. See sample dispute letters below, especially letter 3.2 for obsolete letters.

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It will come off your credit report seven and a half years from the date you defaulted on the payments with the original creditor, not from the original closed date nor from the date placed for collections.

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Is the original creditor the collection agency reporting on my account or the company I had the account with?


If you do nothing, the debt should be removed 7 years from the date you last paid. In many instances, collectors lose files, so if you dispute the date, you may be able to get it removed sooner do to collector oversight,

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