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When do you complete the per - discharge financial management course ? Do I have to complete at a specific time ?

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Can I complete the course before my creditors meeting? Can I do it early, like as soon as I get my case number? I completed the course 3 weeks before my creditors meeting.

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To get your discharge you should complete the second financial management class (pre-discharge class) before the deadline for creditors to object to your discharge. That date is scheduled at 60 days after your first scheduled 341 meeting.
You CAN complete it anytime after your case is filed until that deadline. I ask my clients to finish it before the 341 meeting so after that day there is not much else they need to do but wait for their discharge.

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The requirement is that you must complete the class anytime after you file but before you would be eligible to receive a discharge. That information is on the form B9C that you received from the bankruptcy court under the section marked "deadlines." The better practice is to complete the class immediately after filing so you don't overlook this requirement. BTW, although the Trustees tell people to file the certificate, In Nevada, you must file Form B23 together with your certificate. The Trustees obviously never have represented a client & don't really know! Hope this perspective helps!


Debtor Education can be completed right after your case is filed and up until your discharge. Also, the official corresponding form 23 must be filed with the BK court. The court may or may not send notice for failure to do so. However, failure to file the form can result in the dismissal of your case and no discharge!


You can take this course the moment you have a case number, which generally issues at the instance of filing.

In Nevada, we also have to file Form B23, which you sign stating that you took the course.

If you don't file the certificate of completion, your case may be dismissed as soon as61 days after the date first set for your 341 hearing, so be sure you do take it in plenty of time.