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When do I apply for ARD Program?

Washington, PA |

I received my DUI in the mail on 4/20/2010. My preliminary hearing is scheduled for the beginning of June. I was in a car accident in which I totaled my car, broke my neck, back, collarbone, and fractured my skull. No one else was hurt and no one's property was hurt. I am hoping to be accepted into the ARD program, but should I wait until my preliminary hearing or should I be applying for it now?? Do I need my attorney to apply for ARD? Or go about it myself? I need some serious guidance as far as this goes so I don't miss out on any deadlines or opportunities.

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Victor Carmody


Some counties allow you to make application at the Preliminary Hearing and some will have you fill out an application after the preliminary hearing and submit it to the District Attorney by mail. I am not aware of any county that has you fill out the application before the preliminary hearing. You would be well advised to contact a criminal defense attorney who practices in your county and who is familiar with the local procedures. If you can't find such an attorney here on AVVO then your best bet is to contact the Bar Association in the county where you were arrested and speak with their lawyer referral program.

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Before you do anything you should immediately hire a DUI attorney.