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When credit card companies file a lawsuit against you do they stall sometimes?

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I found out that a lawsuit was filed by accident on my wife. She has a credit card she didn't pay and the suit says pre judgment citation. So what I am wonder is do the plaintiffs sometimes delay the actual suit being served to try and find bank accounts to seize? If that is the case and I have closed the accounts how long do they usually wait to continue? Actually I didn't close the accounts I just left balances of 5 to 25 dollars in each of the six accounts that we have.

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There can be no seizure of bank accounts until such time as there has been court determination that the money alleged that is due is in fact owed to the credit card company. This is known as a judgment. Once a judgment has been entered, then bank accounts can be seized and wages can be garnished.

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Yes, but not for the reasons you state. Some creditors are trying to find the debtor. Some are trying to build a case. Some just need more time. However, they don't delay to find assets. They cannot touch assets unless they get a judgment. They need a judge to say that someone owes them money before they can use the courts to get that money.

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