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When charged with possession of Marijuana, who can see the charge? Will lawyers send their information to my house?

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I am 20 years old and was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign and was pulled over. When the police officer came to the car he told me the car smelled like marijuana and I was charged with the traffic ticket and possession. If I can handle this case by myself I would prefer to spare my parents, but now I am at school and am wondering if lawyers will send their information to my house to try and help me, when in reality my parents will put two and two together and will just add unnecessary stress to their lives. This is also the first run in with the law I have had besides speeding tickets.

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You'll get letters.


You will get letters. I wouldn't handle this charge on your own. Hire an attorney and try to get through this period.

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You will get letters. If the address on your identification is the same as your parents, they will receive a number of letters addressed to you from area law firms.

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Yes, you will receive letters. I don't particulary like this practice for the same reason you are concerned about it, but it is considered ethical.


You charges are public information. There are many attorneys who hire agencies to download that information and send letters to you. Talk to a lawyer; don't try to handle the case by yourself. Good luck.

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