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When case number starts with PC, what does this stand for as and what if no legal trial, etc is generated, does it go away?

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PC =

Friend arrested with other two friends on suspected criminal charges. Only one person (not friend) has additional case number from PC one all have in criminal case as well as recently filed app for Omnibus Application, declarations of prop cause, certificate of address, and summons....what do all these mean?

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You just need to wait to see if the prosecutors office is going to file charges or not against the alleged co defendants. This may or may not happen. I know the waiting is tough but there is nothing you can do about it


Your question is not very clear, but it sounds like formal charges may not have actually been filed by the prosecuting attorney yet. Cases in Snohomish County are often assigned a "PC" number when they are first brought into the court pending filing of charges.

As mentioned above, at this point it is a matter of waiting to see what the prosecuting attorney does. However, this does not mean it might not be a good idea to consult with a local criminal defense attorney to see if there is anything else that might be done to help your case before charges get filed. Most importantly, do not speak with police or make any statements to anyone other than an attorney about the facts of the case.

Feel free to call my office if you have additional questions.