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When can I start havinf medicare and medicaid after I was in a bad accident and now Im disable

Latta, SC |

I have no health Insurance at all, I been in the wreck this past January 2012 how do I apply and how long dose it take

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You would apply for Social Security Disability based upon the accident and being unable to work 18 months. Medicare comes with that. Medicaid is based on income and I think you can apply any time. Here are some SSDI FAQ and answers


In addition to the above answer, retain a local personal injury lawyer if the accident was not your fault.

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You should talk with a disability attorney regarding what state and national benefits are available, and to see if there is any options regarding the accident.


Medicaid is State assistance and should be available to you based on financial need. Medicare is for disability and how long it takes to get depends whether you get approved immediately or have to hire an attorney for an appeal. After approval for SSI or SSD you get a medicare care for medical coverage two years from commencement of benefits Finally, in an auto accident you need to see an attorney to see whether there is insurance to cover your injuries arising out of the MVI. In Michigan, for example we have a no-fault State and there is always medical insurance available, except to an owner driving their uninsured vehicle. Every State has its own laws and you should see an attorney for both the Medicare issue and the auto accident. Good luck.

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I agree with my colleagues and support their answers.


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