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When can I apply for a UK Tier 2 ICT visa?

Jackson, WY |

I began working for a US-based company (Company A) on 23-Jan-12. On 2-Jul-12, Company A was wholly acquired by a large, public company (Company B). My role did not change, however I am now officially employed by Company B. Company B has an established presence in the UK and is a sponsor for Tier 2 visas. I am looking to transfer to the London office on a Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Long-Term visa. I know that this requires 12 months of employment for the company outside of the UK before applying. Considering the acquisition, what is my official start date? Will I be eligible to apply for a Tier 2 ICT visa on 23-Jan-13 or will I need to wait until 2-Jul-13? Thanks so much for the help!

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Your question involves British immigration law, and this forum is for questions about US immigration law. You need to consult with an attorney knowledgeable about UK immigration law matters.

Good luck!

This answer is of a general nature and should not be relied upon as final, nor is it intended as legal advice. A consultation with an experienced attorney is always the best way to go.


Sorry, this is a US immigration law forum.

Go here & search for attorneys based and licensed in the UK:

Franco Capriotti - Senior Immigration Counsel

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Attorneys on Avvo practice US law. They cannot advise you on the laws and requirements of other countries.

You need to contact an attorney in the country in question.

J Charles Ferrari Eng & Nishimura 213.622.2255 The statement above is general in nature and does not constitute legal advice, as not all the facts are known. You should retain an attorney to review all the facts specific to your case in order to receive advise specific to your case. The statement above does not create an attorney/client relationship. Answers on Avvo can only be general ones, as specific answers would require knowledge of all the facts. As such, they may or may not apply to the question.