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When being pulled over does the officer need to tell you why he stopped you?

Atascadero, CA |

I was pulled over on cinco de mayo and after telling the officer no I haven't had anything to drink he made me get out of my car, searched me with my consent, searched my vehicle, made me do FST, took me down to the station to blow and 0.00 was the result and never told me why he pulled me over. Being hispanic on cico de mayo not drunk????????

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No, the officer does not need to tell you why he stopped you. You would find out if the case made it's way to court when you look at the arrest report.


Usually police officers do tell a detainee why he or she has detained the individual. In fact - almost always. You can submit a complaint to the police department where the officer is employed if you believe the stop was a mere pretext or ruse for something improper.

Judith M. Fouladi, Esq.
Orange County


Definitely file a government claim against the officer.


Sorry to hear about the incident. You should file a claim against the officer, if for no other reason than to prevent this from happening to someone else.