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When being falsely accused of copyright infringement from an organization. What are ones legal rights?

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Please note details: In job search efforts, my resume and certification information was put online via job bank search engine. Which I believe they shared their data w/ other job search entities. In the process, I believe some of my personal data has been stolen and being misrepresented. And a certification board is accussing me of copyright infringement. And I personally didn't commit fraud and/or copyright infringement...there was no wrong doing on my part. They will not tell me how they accurried my personal information or the source. I have no idea what they're referring to in this case, what are my legal rights?

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You really have to sit down with an attorney knowledgeable about copyright law who can familiarize himself or herself with the facts and give you good advice.


First you must find out what is the material that they allege you have infringed. Once you recognize the material you, or with the help of a copyright or intellectual property expert attorney, should determine whether there was an infringement, even if involuntary. If none, you should answer their claim with a denial. If you have infringed I suggest you handle it through a copyright attorney and not by yourself.

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