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When attorney commits perjury in writing in court procedings and gets judge to rule in her favor because of this act

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we were ousted from home of 35yrs because of her making up a non existant person and telling judge person lived with us 1yr rent free there is no such person that has ever lived at our home yet she has made this up and got a judge to believe her.iam homeless now and fighting this pro per cause they have stolen by not delivering my inheritance,they are trying kill me.for they perpose of self dealing because dads dead and it doesn't matter what he wanted

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You should meet with the local prosecutor. Good luck.

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You need to go to legal aide and possibly meet with fraud division at DA office .

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I agree with my colleagues. This is not a question for criminal law defense. However, you should discuss this matter with the DA. I would also bring declarations from your neighbors that state you never had anyone living with you in your home to their knowledge. Also, friends and family declarations too. You should also try to find an attorney who can sue the other attorney for you.