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When are the times you can play your music loud without getting a ticket?

Saint Paul, MN |

how loud can i play my music during the day and what time do i need to turn it down?

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Attorney answers 1


While I am not in your state, I can provide you with a road map that should lead to the answering of your question. I just looked up the municipal code for St. Paul. You may do this by going to and click on "government" , then City Charter and Code. The code you will be looking for is 293.02. This will provide you with the regulations set forth by the City's municipal code and should answer any questions you may have. I did not answer in long form due to the fact that this code section is over a page long and I think you will find it helpful to read the entire section. I hope that helps, most folks don't realize their city codes are on the Web. Good luck.

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