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When applying for regular Soc Sec benefits are tax records checked to ensure FICA were paid for every year worked ?

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Your Social Security benefit payment is based on how much you earned during your working career. Higher lifetime earnings result in higher benefits. If there were some years when you did not work or had low earnings, your benefit amount may be lower than if you had worked steadily.

Your benefit payment also is affected by the age at which you decide to retire. If you retire at age 62 (the earliest possible retirement age for Social Security), your benefit will be lower than if you wait until later to retire.

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SS will check all available pay records from the IRS. So to answer the question directly, yes.

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Hmm. Not sure what you mean. Does SSA get a report from the IRS explaining who did and did not pay FICA taxes - yes. Will they do anything about it - probably not. There could be a good reason for not paying FICA taxes. Not paying the FICA tax primarily hurts you - it means you are not paying in to Social Security for retirment or disability benefits and it may mean lower benefits at retirement - or no benefits.

So, yes, they know who did and did not pay FICA taxes, but only to figure out who does and does not have enough tax paid for eligibility for SS benefits.

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Social Security uses those forms submitted either by your employer or you-such as W-2 or 1099. Normally, you get a yearly statement of your earnings to make sure everything has been reported. If you do not have a recent statement, you should get an earnings report (from Social Security and compare them. If you disagree, you would need your tax returns or at least the W-2 or 1099s to correct them. You can get old returns from the IRS.

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