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When an International Corporation "Admits" they Defraud American Health Care Providers, who would prosecute such crimes?

Escondido, CA |

The title says it all and yes I have the court submitted declaration documents, signed under penalties of perjury, which proves that this International Corporation admittedly defrauds Health Care providers/Doctors in America since 1993. Therefore, can any attorney suggest who I might take my evidence to who has the gumption/experience to prosecute this admitted twenty year white collar crime? The DOJ, Attorney General, DA"S office, Grand Jury, Federal Prosecutors Etc. and/or the Press (and if so who - ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News ?) This evidence will be exposed soon to protect the American Injured Worker so any interest or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You

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If this is a State of California Insurance fraud issue relating to physicians, you can contact the Department of Insurance to report the fraud. There is not enough information to determine what type of fraud has been perpetrated but you could also gather all your documents and go to a plaintiff's attorney specializing in class action cases to see if it can be filed civilly if the criminal investigating agencies are not interested in pursuing it. You should consult with an attorney either way so you can assess what you have and get help presenting it criminally or filing it civilly. Good luck.


Suggest that you contact the FBI.

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