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When a settlement check from a class action lawsuit is sent out is there a record of said check being sent ?

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I recieved a settlement ck. and had some trouble cashing it because I don't have a bank acct.. I signed the ck over to my boyfriend to deposit and cash thru his bank acct. and after he deposited it we found out that his bank wouldn't cash a 3rd party ck. like that and they *(the bank) sent my boyfriend the ck. back in the form of a "Legal copy". I had even more trouble trying to cash so I contacted the settlement admin. and after my information had been checked and matched the info they had on their records they asked me to fax the ck. that I had to them for final verifacation so as to issue me a new one*(an original would be easier to cash atr a check cashing place) I didn't hear back from them right away and so I tried contacting them and after about 3-4 calls I got ahold of someone who

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Yes, the settlement administrator and/or Plaintiff's attorney should have this information.


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I agree with my colleague; the administrator should have records of all checks issued. It would probably be best if you can open a bank account under your own name and deposit the check. Otherwise, you may need to drive to the bank branch where the settlement administrator's account is domiciled and try to cash the check there. Be sure to consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights.

Robin Mashal

Robin Mashal

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I agree with my colleagues, all checks disseminated should part of the records maintained by the claims administrator with whom you spoke.


Although it looks like part of your question/issue was cut off, I think i understand what you are asking. Yes, there should be a record. It is not unusual for a claims administrator to reissue a check for whatever reason. The claims administrator, though, has to make sure that you are not going to receive a "double" payment, so they are going to take precautions to prevent this.

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