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When a search warrant is issued does the judge or courts have an exact time and day the warrant was signed?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

im trying to figure out the exact time the police went back and obtained there second warrant because the first one was wrong

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There should be a date on the warrant that says when it was signed by the judge, however, the police do not necessarily have to act on it that day.
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It may have an exact time and date it was filed, but it will only have the date it was signed. An attorney may be able to ascertain the time it was signed through questioning in a deposition or investigation.


The date is easy the exact time of day takes some extrapolation. It sounds like the first SW was replaced. If the first warrant was served start then and sometime between the next arrival of the warrant and the first service the new one had to have been signed.



they were both signed but we believe that the second one was brought after the search.